So you want to create a custom rolling tray, but you’ve got some creative block. It happens to all of us. We’ve got you covered! Here are 5 of our favorite community designs from 2020 so far. Feel free to use any of these (you can find them on the community design gallery), or use these to inspire your own creations.

1. Sunset Custom Rolling Tray

This simple sun-themed design is great for those summer vibes while you’re rolling. You can add your own personal touches or text to this basic design and make it completely your own.

Sun Design

2. Floral Rolling Tray

Looking for something a little more classic? We really dig this floral pattern done by one of our customers. We love seeing all of the different styles you guys use to create rolling trays. Especially if you’re looking to make something that goes well with decor, these classic patterns can be found all over the web or can be created from scratch, and they go well in any room.

 Floral Design





3. Rick and Morty Tray

Our favorite stoner characters are some of the most popular designs we see from you guys. We love it, and we especially love this most recent, trippy design after our two favorite stoners. With season 3 out and more episodes on the way, this is a perfect design to recreate for your collection!

Custom Rolling Tray Rick and Morty

4. Leafy Rolling Tray

Everyone’s favorite herb is always a timeless choice when it comes to rolling tray designs. Use this design on our community gallery or design your own leafy creations!

Custom Rolling Tray Herb

5. 420 Custom Rolling Tray

We couldn’t agree more: it’s always 420 somewhere! This tray speaks for itself, and we love seeing you guys use creative text and quotes on our trays. You can never go wrong with this kind of theme.

Custom Rolling Tray 420

Feeling Inspired by these awesome designs? Get started on your own custom rolling tray now!

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