Welcome to the ideatorium.

Sometimes coming up with a creative idea for a design (or anything) can be hard. But, all you really need is to get the juices flowing and your amazing mind will do the rest!
Just watch! So here’s what ya do (it’s easy):

1) Ask yourself:  What do you like? … Think about it…. something you really like…. don’t be afraid to admit it…. take your time…

2) OK! Now type one or more of the words that comes to mind into this box below and hit the button.  Feel free to snap a screenshot if you see something you really like, and use it!

Type it in the box, and go forth into greatness!

Once you click the button above, just sit back, roll one, and watch for a minute or two. We GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET SOME IDEAS or at least inspiration for your next mind blowing custom rolling tray design! And, if you want to change the phrase after a while, just scroll back up and type new words in the box and click it again 🙂  Just keep in mind this is powerred by GIPHY and the people of the internet.  We have no control over what you may see.

If you use a screen shot, the resolution will only be as good as what you capture.  So, don’t use a really old or really tiny phone, and use your eyes!


do it.


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