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Custom Rolling Tray (Unbreakable)

Custom unbreakable rolling tray.  Personalize Online and we’ll custom print it just for you and ship it to your door.  Our trays are sturdy and will not dent like the common metal or tin rolling trays.  Our Custom Rolling Tray (Unbreakable) are sturdy and great for on the go or use at home.

  • Tray size 5 in x 8 in
  • Use your own graphics, or use our free graphics and tools!
  • Thick special clear finish baked in with the graphic that will not break if dropped – these rolling trays can last forever!
  • Raise edges to keep all rolling materials safely on the tray during use
  • Convenient handles on the side for transporting to and from your lap or table
  • Production Time: 2-4 weeks
  • Shipping Time: Depends on location (a few days in USA)

*Note:  Due to the tray customization process and curvature of the tray, any design elements placed on the curved/raised edges of the tray may be stretched, cut off, or not aligned exactly as seen in the design mockup/preview. As such, please do NOT place any important design elements like logos and text on the curved, raised, or tray handle areas. Place those design elements in the center of the tray. For best results, you can cover the whole tray, handles, curves and all raised areas with background colors or graphics that are more OK for stretch / crop while keeping text or logos more centered.


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