Custom Stash Box

Design your own custom stash box in minutes

Design your own stash box

Use our website to upload your own photos, add custom text, graphics and more on your stash box.

Super Easy to Design

Our app is so easy to use, you’ll be able to personalize your stash box in minutes without any special skills or software

Upload Your Own Photos

Upload your own photos to personalize your stash box so it is one of a kind.

Personalize your own beautiful Custom Stash Box!

 Create a one of a kind custom stash box.  Easily add your own Photos, Graphics, Art, text, and more!  Our custom stash boxes make great gifts for yourself and others!

Quality Bamboo Wood Box

Our boxes are made of quality bamboo and materials.

Gloss Finish

Our custom stash boxes have a gloss finish on your design to keep your rolling equipment in tact and your design lasting longer than your favorite piece.

Custom Stash Box - Add Your Own Design, Photos, Text, and More