Custom Glass Rolling Trays are the Perfect Gift

Custom Rolling Trays offers many types of Rolling Trays. Our glass rolling trays are made of tempered glass making them stronger than regular glass. Our tempered glass rolling trays are scratch and heat resistant and are stronger against breaking.

Our Custom Glass Rolling Trays make the perfect gift for any occasion.  Our glass rolling trays come in multiple sizes from small personal glass trays to large glass trays for hosting and multi-person smoke sessions.  Choose from a variety of glass rolling tray sizes.

Your Photos on Custom Glass Rolling Trays

Photos look great on our custom glass rolling trays.  Add your favorite photo or multiple photos and create a collage.

Custom Rolling Tray - Custom Photo Glass Rolling Tray



Your Logo or Brand on Custom Glass Rolling Trays

Add your logo, brand, or company name on your own glass rolling tray.  Our website makes it extremely easy to make a custom rolling trays in just a few simple steps.

Custom Rolling Tray - Custom Logo Glass Rolling Tray

 Your Text or Date on Custom Glass Rolling Trays

Personalize your custom glass rolling tray by adding text or memorable dates.  Choose from a variety of free font styles, colors, etc.  You can easily move and reposition your text as well.

Custom Rolling Tray - Custom Text or Date on Glass Rolling Tray

Customize Glass Rolling Trays in a few steps

Our glass rolling trays create an elevated smoking experience. Add a touch of class with glass rolling trays.